• Rating and Review System

    with a powerful features to grow your marketplace

  • Customer reviews and dynamic tags

    Insights and qualitative data from your users’ experience.

Star ratings

Dynamic, solid and accurate star ratings to gather customer feedback.

Customer reviews and tags

Gather easily insights and qualitative data from your users’ experience.

Marketplace Analytics

Keep track of metrics that matter and get valuable insights of your marketplace.

Rating and Review System

A robust solution to gather customer feedback

Accurate, quick and dynamic

Content, flow and interface designed to obtain the highest sought-out information.

Easy to integrate

You can integrate easily in the most common programming languages.

Data storage

Your data is secure in our servers, but it is yours and you can access your data anytime.

Control feedback workflow

Reveal feedback simultaneously or after expiring a certain date to avoid retaliation.

Customizable criteria and design

Customize the criteria and questions according to your marketplace concept.

Responsive interphase

Reppy Rating and Review System works smoothly in desktop and mobile interphases.

Star Rating and Review System

An adaptable and customizable solution for online marketplaces. The ratings are designed to be configurable – you could design a survey to be completed in a few seconds or a long an in depth survey. Reppy adapts easily to the transaction flow of any marketplace and provides a variety of tools to gather feedback from peers after completing a P2P transaction.

Rating and Review System with a powerful features to grow your marketplace
Test the rating experience

Star rating questions

Enable your users to understand the value of each star rating and get emotional responses from your users’ experiences.

You can add custom questions easily and measure any criteria that is relevant to your marketplace.

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Intuitive tags

Need to know more about your users experience? You can use the intuitive tags question type to gather qualitative feedback easily.

Users can choose several tags with just few clicks and you can add tag questions as you want to get insights from anything you wish.

Customer reviews

Need more information? You can add one or multiple open questions to your rating flow. They can be public or private reviews to provide a more transparent feedback.

Our solution supports written reviews to enable your users to share a more complete and detailed overview of their experience.

Marketplace Analytics

Access to industry expertise and keep track of the metrics that matter most to build a successful marketplace. Identify which listings, geographies and acquisition channels are more profitable or which ones are bottlenecks affecting your performance.